Football ‘Tis the Season | Yard Stake

Dark Brown
Football season is upon us! Display this metal art in your yard or at your favorite team's tailgate. This is a hand-painted item. We also offer the metal football as an ornament!

Hand-cut from high quality metal, Kaktos Rose designs are timeless, sleek, functional, and stylish. All Kaktos Rose products are designed and manufactured in the USA in Waco, Texas.
MEASURES 6.25” x 21”
STAKE: 10”
+Colors / Finishes
Hand-painted to look like a football, the football season yard stake is brown and gets darker towards the bottom, and it has laces outlined in white.

All our pieces are custom painted by the World Famous Von Otto of Waco, TX. Von started airbrushing after he got out of the Air Force in 1977. He’s painted for the likes of Evil Knievel, U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds, and has artwork in the Smithsonian (B-25J Carol Jean). He has painted several Bonnieville Streamliners (The Turbinator 489 MPH Jet Wheel Driven Streamliner) as well as for many Hollywood movie stars and country music singers. He has artwork in many cities around the globe...including murals and graphics in Waco’s Cameron Park Zoo.

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