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July 25, 2017


How do I even begin to describe my Arizona had been quite some time since I had been back to Arizona, and it didn’t take long to remember why I loved it so much. Those views...oh those views...

 Pinnacle Peak View in Arizona Pinnacle Peak Cactus

Our good friends, the Hermann’s, invited us along to hang out at their Scottsdale Oasis, and it was the PERFECT getaway to refresh all our creative juices. The Four Seasons Scottsdale is a dream, nestled in between two mountains, the landscape is something out of a desert fantasy, the resort is out of this world, with a staff to match. If you want to escape reality, look no further.

Each morning I sat outside on our lovely balcony and soaked up the Arizona views for as long as I could. I couldn’t wait to plan our hike to Pinnacle Peak! However, it IS July, and we arrived the week following the 120° temps that had planes grounded and street signs melting (yes MELTING)... but we were determined to hike Pinnacle Peak. As we approached Pinnacle Peak in all its glory, with a backpack filled with our products, we could not wait to see what it was all about! (despite all the warning signs).


Arizona Pinnacle Peak Hike Warning Sign Arizona Pinnacle Peak Hike Highest Point

You couldn’t have been more worth it! It was hot for sure, but man oh man, those views are unrivaled! It was the perfect setting for our product shots! We wish we could have taken ALL our products and really just uproot our entire operation to Arizona if we’re being honest (no offense Texas, we love you too... #texasforever) ☺

Futris Family Arizona Hiking Pinnacle Peak

Find Your Tribe Love Them Hard Metal Sign Pinnacle Peak Copper Can't Touch This With Cactus Garden Stake Oh Let's Be Adventurers Darling Metal Sign Pinnacle Peak

She-Believed-She Could-So-She-Did-Metal-Sign-Pinnacle-Peak

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Saguaro cactus doesn’t grow a limb until it’s about 75-100 years old...I’ll let you do the math...whoa.

Arizona Saguaro Cactus Pinnacle Peak

After our hike we ventured over to the pool to cool off and take some great shots of our *hot* new drink stirrers! They are the cutest accessory and absolute MUST for any bar cart.

Kaktos Rose Gold Pineapple Drink Stirrer Kaktos Rose Gold Cactus Drink Stirrer

We left Arizona with some great product shots, new inspiration, lasting memories and a longing to return very soon...(if you'd like to keep up with all things AZ check out @lipglossandliving – if you think you want to visit AZ now, just wait...)


Bossbabe Ashley

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