New Warehouse, Who Dis?

September 27, 2017


Not sure how many of you read our initial blog post that explains how Kaktos Rose came to be, but here is a quick recap. Our Mom, Marcey Futris, started a company called SportHooks in 2007 as a way for marathoners to display their medals in a chic, stylish way! Well, Katie and I decided to take it a step further and start creating metal art! Kaktos Rose is essentially a branch of SportHooks.

SportHooks initially started out of our home, but 5 years ago our Mom made the leap of faith and purchased her own machine and got a warehouse. It was a huge move for us. We have some major memories at our old shop and were filled with nostalgia as we were recently cleaning and moving out of that warehouse.



To say it’s a proud moment to see how far our Mom has come with her vision is an understatement. Owning your own business is not for the weak. There are peaks and valleys and so many leaps of faith. Holidays do not exist and the slow months are seemingly unbearable, but you continue to grind, no matter what. Why? For moments like this...standing and looking up at a brand-new beautiful warehouse that is all yours!

Follow me on a tour...


This is one of our favorite additions to the new shop. We now have an official showroom and meeting area for all our wonderful clients. Please come visit us if you are ever in Waco; we love meeting our customers face to face!



This is another big change for us! Our old facility had 4 desks that shared one room. We now have an office space that has 6 cubicles and our CEO, Marcey has her own private office. Plenty of room for additions to our team!



Now...this is our favorite part. This big beautiful warehouse is all ours. We built a fantastic cube to enclose all our machines (like the old shop pictured above), however we have some new machinery that will allow us to make (and ship!) your products even faster! We also have a much larger stock area and packing/shipping area.



*sits back and admires new place*

We are ready to rumble now going into the Holiday season! We sure do hope to see you at the upcoming events: Magnolia Silobration and Baylor Homecoming White Buffalo Market (both in Waco, TX!) and hope you keep us in mind for all your holiday shopping! Have a runner or athlete in your life...? Check out SportHooks for some awesome gift ideas!

Always-Earned-Never-Given-Medal-Hanger She-Believed-She-Could-So-She-Did-Medal-Hanger-Inspirational


Bossbabe Ashley

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