How To Display Your Metal Signs

October 11, 2017

Kaktos Catch Up How to Display a Metal Sign with Quote

Of the questions we receive about our metal art, the number one question is what to do with your new metal mantra sign, followed by whether the wall art can go outside (by the way, the answer is YES! Our metal signs are powdercoated and weather resistant). 😊

Anyway, back to question numero uno... There are endless options for incorporating our metal signs (or as we aptly named them, metal mantras) into your home decor. Each of our designs comes with two holes (one hole in each of the top two corners), and typically we provide the screws that match the powdercoat finish color you chose OR even twine. The screws and/or twine provide a variety of options for displaying your new sign! Below is a list of some of our favorite ideas we've tried so far.


Mount with Screws or Tape




One of our most popular options is to mount your sign to the wall or a piece of wood (such as this rustic wooden pallet from Walmart, which is a total steal)!

Mount with 3M Command Strips



If you aren’t too keen/unable to put holes in your wall such as hanging a metal sign in a dorm room, 3M command strips work like a champ! We actually used them on BRICK in the 100* heat in Texas for a photoshoot, and the tape stayed for the 30+ minutes while we shot, and we even had to tug pretty hard to get them off!


Hang with Twine


Hanging a metal sign in your garden  Hanging a metal sign on your back patio  Hanging a metal sign with a quote on your wall

One of our favorite ideas it to hang the wall art inside a coffee nook in your home! Also as we mentioned, all our metal products are powder coated AND weather resistant, so you can display them outside, such as hanging the sign on a garden flag pole or on your back patio.


Display on an Easel


God-Bless-This-Town-Metal-Sign-Displayed-on-Easel  Find-Your-Tribe-Love-Them-Hard-Metal-Sign-Displayed-on-Easel

Typically we display our mantras at all of our shows with easels! Versatile for coffee tables, shelving units, guest bathroom vanities, mantels, entry tables, bar carts, and so many more spaces. Some easel styles we love depending on the style of your home can be found below.

Wooden Easel from Magnolia used as Cookbook Stand

1. Wooden Easel from Magnolia, $12.99
Our favorite and most asked about easel at most of our shows is a wooden easel from Magnolia made by our fellow Wacoans, Chip and Joanna Gaines (FYI: it's a GREAT price)!

Set of four black easels from Hobby Lobby  Brown wood easel from Hobby Lobby

2. Black Mini Art Easels from Hobby Lobby, $5.99
A set of 4 black mini easels - perfect for the 9 inch x 9 inch square mantras, and you'll even have some left over to give as gifts for friends to display their metal signs as well!

3. Walnut Wooden Art-Style Easel from Hobby Lobby, $10.99
A larger wooden easel in brown, perfect for the medium sized mantras.


4. Black Metal Iron Swirl Easel from Michaels, $9.49
This metal easel comes in 12 inches and can display a variety of metal sign sizes!

5. Black Metal Iron "Keller" Easel from Michaels, $15.99-$17.99
This iron easel is similar to the previous easel, but includes a diamond design and comes in two sizes: 11 inches or 14 inches.


Add to a Wreath


Another use we LOVE is to hang our metal signs on wreaths! Dress up any wreath with our metal mantras added to the middle! You can use simple floral wire OR for Christmas they actually ended up making these bad boys called pine wire that you can actually cut to whatever length you need!

A look at some of our favorite wreaths:


1. Cotton Wreath from Magnolia, $54.00
We also love the Magnolia Home wreaths! One of our favorites is the cotton wreath, which also happens to be one of Magnolia's most popular products and never goes out of season!

2. Preserved Boxwood Leaves Wreath from Target, $44.99
A wreath with boxwood leaves can also be transitioned through the seasons and brings a touch of nature!


3. Pine Christmas Wreath from Target, $29.49
Perfect addition to your holiday decor - hang the metal sign on a holiday wreath inside or outside your home.


Other creative ideas


1. Back splash for your stove

Metal sign with quote as a guest book for wedding guests

2. Guest Sign In or greeting card

3. Add to Coffee Table tray

Metal sign for a business with company logo Darling Designs custom furnishings in Waco Texas

4. Business logo sign

If you have another creative way you’ve used your mantra share it with us on social media! We love when customers share with us!

Be sure to come see us at The Findery during Magnolia’s Silobration this weekend October 12-14, where we will also be taking orders for custom metal mantras on site!


Bossbabe Ashley

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