D-Town Boogie

June 27, 2017


KR headed North up I-35 last week, with an obligatory pit stop at the Czech Stop to fuel up and get us ready to see what this Dallas Home and Gift Market was all about. Our friends at Darling Designs hooked us up with a fresh new display and we were amped up to debut our killer new Dallas Skyline design.


Kaktos-Rose-Dallas-Skyline-Metal-Sign Kaktos-Rose-Dallas-Coordinates-Metal-Sign

It was our first time as vendors at the Dallas Home and Gift Market, we were in the Cash & Carry area in Market Hall, next to the gorgeous Page Gregory Matthews, THE coolest chick that painted gorgeous canvases live at her booth & carries the most unique neutral, natural jewels.

 Page-Gregory-Jewelry-Beaded-Necklaces Dallas-Market-Vendor-Page-Gregory-Painting

We also found the most fantastic floral designs we’ve ever seen by fellow Aggie, Forever Green Art.

Dallas-Market-Vendor-Forever-Green-Art Dallas-Market-Vendor-Forever-Green-Art-and-Kaktos-Rose

And these other rad booths: Dilworth Road with the cutest tassel earrings, What I C 2 creating exquisite glass/wood art and our friends over at The B S Trading Company that carry every cowhide you could ever want!

Dilworth Road Colorful Tassel Earrings  What I C 2 Glass and Wood ArtThe B S Trading Company Cowhides

We got the booth set quickly (thanks to our awesome new shelves) and we were lookin pretty good! Now it was time to explore…we ducked into the Daniel Richards Group showroom and fell in lurvee…they had all the things, Ban.do, Ashley Brooke Designs, and the raddest card company, Ladyfingers Letterpress out of Colorado! We instantly vibed with Morgan, her creations, and her story! New Goal: get our fabulous little cake toppers in that show room!

Thursday was show time! The day was pretty slow and other vendors were quick to tell us not to be discouraged as the first day is always slow *wipes sweat from forehead*. However, the show being slow gave us the rare opportunity to do some research on the different areas of market AND even re-arrange our booth entirely. Our friend, Bailey from Dallas Market came by the booth to check on us and asked us if we knew who Wade Bowen was (of course we know our hometown guy!), well turns out he was playing the Dallas Market 60th Anniversary Happy Hour Party that night *insert happy dance* . We went over and enjoyed the free drinks/apps, got to enjoy my longtime buddy, Todd, rockin the lead guitar for Wade Bowen, reviewed the day and hit the hay.

Todd Lanningham - Wade Bowen Lead Guitar and Ashley's Bestie

The next three days picked up a bit, but we quickly realized we were in the wrong area of Market. It seemed that the majority of the buyers walking the Cash & Carry floor were there to scope out jewelry. We got many compliments and the vendors/buyers were extremely helpful with their advice to us. They suggested we check out a showroom and/or selling on the 11th/12th floor of the World Trade Center Building. If you’ve never been to Market, it’s Wednesday – Sunday, 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM and there are 3 buildings with tons of floors of showroom after showroom. It’s slightly overwhelming, however we feel like we have a better idea of this whole Market shebang now! Don’t even get us started on the Atlanta and Vegas markets we heard about…we aren’t ready to tackle that just yet. *baby steps*

All in all here are my takeaways from the week:
  • Market is an endless puzzle and you need to figure out where your piece fits best
  • Our new Dallas Skyline was the hit of the show
  • Dallas Market Hall temperature remains at 50° *insert snowman emoji*
  • Backstreet Boys remains on loop every 5 hours on the Dallas Market playlist
  • Wade Bowen always rocks the house
  • We met interesting people from all over the world that will be great contacts
  • You can literally purchase anything from high end vintage rugs to fidget spinners
  • 18th & Vine has the BEST drinks and food in town
  • Waco is still famous and an immediate conversation starter...thank you Magnolia 😉

Until next time Dallas... And now dreaming of Arizona in 2 weeks!

Bossbabe OUT,


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