Howdy Y’all!

Adorn your home with a Kaktos Rose design! These are high quality, weather-resistant products that will look fabulous on a front door, living room, bedroom wall, entryway, shelf, mantel or mounted on the front of your house. All products are designed and manufactured in the USA in Waco, Texas. Each of these products is powder-coated steel, protecting it from rust and corrosion and giving it its own unique markings. Kaktos Rose designs are cut from high quality metal products that are timeless, sleek, functional, and stylish! All designs come with mounting screws or twine to hang your design. There is something for every individual, and if we have not made the perfect design for you yet, send us a custom design! Our products make the perfect gift for your loved one, friend, colleague, bride, new baby, etc! Shoot even Treat Yo Self!

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